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3 Effortless Vinaigrettes for Summer

Summer hasn’t officially kicked off, but it sure feels like summer. Temperatures teetering around 30 degrees celsius, mouth-watering smells from backyard bbq’s, and gardens in full bloom.  If you’re anything like me, all you want in the hotter months is something cold to drink and lighter foods. It’s the only time of year I eat […]

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To Mask-up or not to Mask-up?

As COVID-19 regulations loosen and more people return to work as well as outdoor activities, face masks have become a staple in our wardrobes, especially for countries like France and Spain, who’s recently joined the list of countries, where face masks are mandatory in public. Canada has not made face masks compulsory yet, but I see us heading that […]


3 Apps to Boost your Brain and Status too

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but felt you didn’t have the time? Imagine learning a new skill in the time it takes to drink a coffee.  Why am I covering this topic? Around the third week of the COVID-19 self-isolation, I was tired of spring cleaning, tired of TV, tired of […]


Start clicking today for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day swooping in and self-isolation still in effect, we have no choice but to celebrate differently this year. At a time like this, I’m so grateful for technology. I know you know where I’m going with this, video chat, ordering gifts, yeah, you get the picture. That’s why I scoured the web for […]

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Managing your Mental Health in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 (Corona virus) pandemic has and still is presenting many challenges globally. Despite the known and alarming health crisis, there are issues like mental health that’s easily overlooked. In the first two weeks of self-isolation, those I checked in with, viewed their isolation period as a blessing; they were catching up on quality time with their […]