5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween 2020 Safely

Twenty-twenty has been anything but ordinary, with Covid-19 still looming over our heads like a modern-day Grim Reaper. Touching on the Reaper, Halloween is almost here, and most kids will feel more tricked than treated. Depending on where you live, there might be some trick-or-treating restrictions for Saturday, October 31.

Restrictions won’t keep us from having a safe and fun Halloween celebration. I’ve come up with a few activities to keep my family entertained at home this Halloween.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Halloween safely:
1. Virtual Halloween with Scary Stories:

Virtual scary stories might just be my favourite! You can wear your costume, contact your friends and family virtually to show off your Halloween ensemble. Next, tell your favourite scary story in the dark with a flashlight under your face. 

I found some kid-friendly scary stories on, and for the older kids, they can check out for some super creepy ghost stories. I recommend parents and caregivers screen the stories; before your child shares them with a friend.

2. Halloween Charades

I put together a fun, family charades printable specifically for Halloween that everyone can play indoors or in your backyard. It contains 10 Halloween movie titles and 20 words associated with Halloween, such as bats, mummy, werewolf and so on. I know this printable pack will encourage a ton of laughs with new Halloween memories and possibly traditions.

3. Halloween Movie Night

After all the Halloween decorations up, and you have your favourite movie character costume on. How about a Halloween movie night, with all the Halloween-themed candies, snacks and drinks and everything else that will satisfy your movie night munchies. 

4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This is no ordinary scavenger hunt it’s a flashlight scavenger hunt! The dark will add a spooky vibe to the hunt. You can have the scavenger hunt indoors and out. Think-up quirky clues or use a scavenger hunt sheet. Also, consider using some glow in the dark sprays and props for added atmosphere.

5. Indoor-to-Door Trick-or-Treating

Indoor trick-or-treating is perfect for the little ones; they can dress up in their costumes and gives first-time trick-or-treaters a taste of neighbourhood trick-or-treating.   

Decorate each door at home and have the little ones knock on each door collecting candy.  

If you do decide to take the kids trick-treating around the neighbourhood, the CDC has easy to understand visuals and guidelines for kids on Halloween. And if there are stricter regulations in place in your part of town, don’t forget to stock up on candy and treats to satisfy your little monsters this Halloween. 

I hope these resources have helped; and you and your family a safe, scary and healthy Halloween.

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