Toronto -Same Attractions New Experience

Toronto is officially in week two of stage 2 of the provincial government’s plan to curb the COVID‑19 outbreak. This means more businesses have opened including public attractions.

Around this time, families have either landed at their summer destination or sent the kids off to camp. But overnight camps are closed for the summer and we’ve cancelled all our non-essential travel plans, so what’s left to do? 

How about becoming a tourist in your hometown?

Here are 10 attractions to get you started:
1. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

The AGO has already welcomed Members and Annual Pass holders. The general public can purchase tickets online starting July 16 for July 23, 2020, when doors open for all. 

2. Aga Khan Museum

Museum doors are open for all, check the website to plan your visit.

3. Casa Loma

The castle is open for tours and outdoor dining. Go to the website for details and tickets.

4. CN Tower

The lift to the observation deck reopens July 15, 2020. Restaurants will, however, remain closed. Purchase tickets online.

6. Gardiner Museum

The museum reopens July 7 to July 10, 2020, for Gardiner Friends and Get Acquainted cardholders. The public can access the museum for FREE on Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12. Check the website for details. 

7. Ripley’s Aquarium

The aquarium has reopened, but touch tanks remain closed. Purchase tickets online and watch General Manager, Peter Doyle’s explainer video for your next Ripley’s Aquarium visit.

The ROM will be reopening on July 11, 2020. Check the website for safety measures and tickets. 

9. Toronto Zoo

The zoo reopened with a new experience; you can take a Scenic Safari in the comfort of your car. Check the website for details.

10. Toronto Island Ferry

Ferry services are once again running to Toronto Island. However, Centreville remains closed. Book a timeslot online for your next island visit.

Keep in mind, due to COVID-19, safety measures were put in place to keep you and your family safe during your visit. Remember to check all safety plans online before you visit. Enjoy, as you visit familiar sites with a fresh experience.

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