3 Apps to Boost your Brain and Status too

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but felt you didn’t have the time? Imagine learning a new skill in the time it takes to drink a coffee. 

Why am I covering this topic? Around the third week of the COVID-19 self-isolation, I was tired of spring cleaning, tired of TV, tired of Tik Tok, and tired of looking for a good book to read. I found myself craving something different from my daily routine. I wanted something to stimulate my brain.

During one of my mindless app scrolls, I stumbled on an app my daughter downloaded onto my phone. It was Duolingo. Needless to say, curiosity got the better of me, and now I’m hooked to my five minutes a day of Japanese lessons. I’ve since added a few more apps, but two stood apart from the rest.

I’m now two skills richer and still working on Japanese. Are you ready to learn a new skill?

Here are my 3 favourite apps:

1. Lynda.com

This one is my favourites by far; there’s enough to keep you hooked for a lifetime! Lynda.com from LinkedIn, is a paid subscription program, however, if own a Canadian or US library card, you can access the courses free, shown in the explainer video below.

Once you’ve established free access through your local library, type in the course of your choice. You can choose anything from accounting to web design and everything in between. Next, download the subject to your Lynda app. The app allows you access to your course online and off. 

Each course offers video tutorials by industry experts and some courses have downloadable exercise files. If you decide to get credits for your learning, then subscribe to LinkedIn Learning (originally Lynda.com). Once you sign up and complete a course, you receive a certificate of completion. You can then opt to add to your certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

2. Duolingo
Image courtesy of Duolingo

Yeah, I know many of us learn a new language when we plan a trip to a destination that speaks a language other than our mother tongue. How about thinking of a second language as a tool to enhance your career or expand your cultural horizons? If none of those apply, why not increase your cognitive capabilities by learning another language?

The Duolingo app is a free app that can help you learn a new language in as little as five minutes a day! The app gives you daily alerts and is so basic a two-year-old can navigate it. Duolingo is perfect for audio and visual learners, with sounds and images in a game-style format to support your learning.

3. Invstr

I’ve always been interested in the stock market but felt intimidated by financial jargon, that’s until I found the free Invstr app. The app is referred to as; where fantasy football meets finance, but I have no idea how to play fantasy football. To me it’s like playing a digital form of Monopoly. And just like Monopoly you’re given money to play with.

Invstr starts you off with $1 million in your Fantasy Finance portfolio with all trades done in real-time. To enhance your practical experience in the stock market, you have access to the in-app Academy, where the rest of your learning takes place. Once you’ve honed your Fantasy Finance skills, you can build your real-life portfolio for as little as $1. This app provides the perfect entry into the stock market.

With the help of any of these apps, you’ll boost your brain, your confidence, your network and perhaps your net worth. Start learning today and add a skill or skills to your repertoire.

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